Bid farewell to renting headaches due to steep deposits, difficult owners, and inconsiderate housemates.

Here’s a solution: Live at a HH+ Room for FREE 30 days, and then decide to rent it or not.

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Terms and conditions applied.


  1. Is the deposit refundable?

    The deposits are refundable upon checkout only if there is no any damage made in the unit.

  2. Is the room furnished?

    Yes. All our rooms are fully furnished.

  3. Is the rental inclusive of utilities?

    The rental is inclusive WiFi and utilities are calculated based on usage as every room has separate meters.

  4. Is this condo guarded?

    Yes. It is guarded and the tenants are given access card.

  5. Is it within walking distance to my college?

    It is near to public transport (MRT/LRT/KTM/Shuttle bus).

  6. Who are the roommates?

    Our units are open for both students and working adults of all nationalities and it is a mixed gender unit. However, the tenants will be placed in the unit of their preferences.

  7. Is there any cleaning service provided?

    Yes. We have cleaning service only for the common areas on weekly basis.

  8. Is the parking free?

    No. The parking fee is RM100-RM150 per month.

  9. Is there any contract?

    Yes. Our units are tied up to contract of a minimum 6 months tenancy.

  10. How is my rental calculated if I move in the middle of the month?

    The rental will be prorated.