Studying in KL? You seriously need these 10 items in your backpack.

KL, ohhh KL. The city of love and hate! Of most delicious food in certain places and most shady street food in some others. Where you’ll meet absolutely amazing human beings, but also thieves and pickpockets. Where LRT will (usually) not let you down, but driving is always a traffic gamble. And finally, it’s a city that never sleeps and you can always find a good party around, but if you need to study, someone will always guide you to a quiet, nice spot to read.

So, while our bags and backpacks are constantly getting smaller and smaller (at least, that’s what the fashion says), there are certain things that may save your life during your daily commute or classes. Once you keep them with you, you’re covered for life! (more…)

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Study in KL, but wear proper Korean style! See how!

Do you know this feeling, when you just finished watching your favourite k-drama and you lay down on your bed, thinking and imagining how kickass would you look wearing all these awesome clothes? But then BANG! Reality strikes and you realise that you’re in Malaysia, and not in Korea. What to do?

No worries, we’ve compiled some simple ideas on how to look more like a Ulzzang star than a college student. And yeah, they won’t drill your wallet, so chill out. Jjang! (more…)

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5 Steps To Survive Your College Breakup

He was supposed to be the one. To bring you flowers, invite you for nice evenings in Starbucks and sing you songs. And watch Korean dramas with you. And you were to look after each other while prepping for exams and assignments. And what? It just didn’t work. And now not only do you have to prep for the exams, you have to do it while crying and being completely devastated. Whyyyy!

So here’s what you should do. Wipe your tears. Order a pizza or nasi lemak. Read the tips below. And live your life! (hushhh, exams are coming and it would be good to get mentally back to normal by then) (more…)

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How to survive your first week in the university?

It’s your first day! Are you excited? All these stories you’ve heard about student life are about to get real! And all these new people you’re about to meet! Isn’t it crazy? But before you start your student life like a boss, check out what you should know to avoid a mistake on your very first day. Trust us, it happens – and if you become one of the unfortunate ones to do something funny on the first day, people will definitely remember you – but because of all the wrong reasons!


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10 tips to make your hostel room look on fleek

So, if you’re reading this, you are probably in 1 of 2 stuations:

  1. You just moved in to a really awesome room and you’re just looking for ways to make it better (bet you’ve found it on!)
  2. You moved in to a hostel room that sucks so much that you just want to cover all the walls with something pretty, in order to be able to stand it (or consider talking to us, maybe? We can help you to find a better place to stay)


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