10 tips to make your hostel room look on fleek

So, if you’re reading this, you are probably in 1 of 2 stuations:

  1. You just moved in to a really awesome room and you’re just looking for ways to make it better (bet you’ve found it on!)
  2. You moved in to a hostel room that sucks so much that you just want to cover all the walls with something pretty, in order to be able to stand it (or consider talking to us, maybe? We can help you to find a better place to stay)

Whatever the reason is, you can always up your student room game. And yes, you don’t need a huge budget, so even after buying these props, you can still afford your favourite pisang goreng for an evening snack after the hard work;)

1. Use your Instagram pics to create a wall decor

You love your Insta gallery, don’t you? Then why not show it to the world by printing your pics and putting them on the wall? You can go crazy – pin them to a cork board, or use a string and attach the pictures using clips.

2. DIY artwork

If you like to paint or draw, this idea should be an obvious one. But if you don’t have a talent – what is Pinterest gallery for? Dive in, and get inspired! You’ll find everything there – starting from ideas for a succulent artsy garden, ideas on how to draw your initials in a cute way, or put together a pretty collage of pictures. You may not be Martha Stewart, but it’s the most important to just enjoy the creative process!

dear future roommate, I hope you're ok with me covering every inch of our room in paintings and succulents #dormcrafts

A photo posted by Anjali Chandra (@achandra32) on

3. Go green

One word: succulents! Best friends of any student 🙂 No need to water them – even if you go balik kampung, they will still survive without water for a couple of days. And they look so stylish! Just look at them, aren’t they awesome?

4. Get into the mood

Nothing fixes the evening mood better than a set of beautiful lights! Candles might be tricky and sometimes even forbidden to use in a hostel – but what are the coloured lights for? You can control how bright they shine, and set up different programs too! The modern lights can even synchronise and blink to the rythm of the music you play in your room!

Dorm lights by @jngiannantonio #liwinow #dormlights #dormroom #dorm

A photo posted by LiWiNow (@liwinow) on

Added some lights!!💙💛💚💜 #dorm #umasslowell #dormlights

A photo posted by Bridget phelan (@bridgetfaylin67) on

5. Make the place more fluffy!

What’s better than a cute, fluffy, artsy pillow? More pillows, of course! They look great, make your bed even more comfortable, and add on to the stylish look of your room. And you can buy the cushion covers for just a couple of Ringgits, so go crazy!

Love my room 👍 #roomdecor #dormroom #dormroomdecor #tumblrroom #cuteroom #tapestry

A photo posted by Dorothy Thai (@dorothytthai) on


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