8 fun facts about SEGi College, Kuala Lumpur

*This article was written by an actual SEGi student. No beating around the bush, only 100% truth inside!

1. You think you’re a parking master? Try SEGi area!


Finding parking near the campus? Sorry, the parking for Kuala Lumpur Campus is terrible. There is no exact place for students to park, so they need to scout the nearby areas, like the church lot nearby.  Some students even decide to park right in front of the college…. So police officers are big fans of this area and every day by noon time they show up to write tickets and tow the cars. So if you want to have less problems on your mind – just use the public transport.

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2. But if you take the public transport… Get ready!

When you have class at 8:45 in the morning or 6:00 in the evening, then get ready to commute packed like a sardine in a can while in a bus or LRT. It will be loaded with people from the offices in Masjid Jamek and also students from all the colleges nearby. If you have the possibility, AVOID these times to travel to SEGi!

3. What to eat nearby SEGi?

Segi College KL

There is NO cafeteria in SEGi Kuala Lumpur 🙁 The life of a student in the Kuala Lumpur campus consists of the usual mamak fare and chicken rice. This is because there are is mamak store right outside the campus gate, plus there are 3 more halal places nearby, and 1 chicken rice shop. But if you are willing to walk a bit, the food galore of Petaling Street is just 10 minutes away!

4. Looking for a leng lui?

Lobby is THE spot for checking out all the guys and girls passing by – it’s always crowded with students, especially after the classes. Spend some time here if you’re looking for fashion inspiration – you’ll feel like on the runway while looking at all the international students showcasing their outfits.

5. Get frozen in the classroom

The air-conditioning in all the classrooms is as cold as if you’re studying inside the fridge. Simply because there’s no remote control, after 1 class you’ll feel like your chair turned into a block of ice, and even your hot water in the water tumbler will change its temperature in a minute. Pro tip: always bring a jacket with you!

6. Chill out in the city


After the classes, most of the students would usually chill out and walk around Bukit Bintang. There is a free shuttle bus that stops in front of the college and drops you nearby Pavillion. But remember about point 2. – the rush hours can be a nightmare and you might get stuck in a no-moving car crawl.

7. Yup, we’ve got ghosts!

Being a SEGi College student studying in the Kuala Lumpur campus, you should get ready to hear a lot of ghost stories! Yes, GHOST stories that are so true, they make you never to walk alone in the campus – EVER. This is because all the campus buildings are quite old (built in 1963). And watch out for the 10th floor of the building! It is said be haunted and the some students claim they’ve heard mysterious sounds of marching soldiers there…

8. Get the city vibe!

Overall studying in SEGi Kuala Lumpur is a great experience because its near to Malaysia’s Chinatown and the Golden Triangle. As a student you get to experience different types of cultures and types of people on your way – because there are bankers and also foreign workers all around the campus. You’ll see the magic of “rojak” happening especially during lunch time!

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