Malaysian fashionista’s top 8 t-shirt choices for college!

Getting bored with your usual t-shirt choices? Or maybe you’ve just found an interesting person on the campus and you’d like to catch his/her attention?

We’re all students, so the budget is not going to be huge. Your style has to:

1) look cute

2) cost you nothing (or almost nothing)

3) seem like it cost you a fortune.

With these 3 simple requirements in mind, t-shirts should be your weapon of choice. A statement tee will make you famous in the university in no time! (more…)

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Carpool Karaoke, Malaysian style: KDU students recommend!

Ever had that song stuck in your brain for days, weeks and even for months? Or the one particular song that you secretly serenade whilst screaming at the top of our lungs in your car on the way to KDU University. It usually proceeded with the statement, “THIS IS MY JAM!!!” coupled with the weird fuzzy warm feelings in your heart and mind.  Feeling guilty yet?

In no particular order, these are the 5 songs that we carpool karaoke to on the way to KDU University: (more…)

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SECRETS REVEALED: 5 Korean tips on getting ready to school in 5 minutes!

We all just want to look good in college but sometimes, we are just too lazy to wake up early in the morning to do our makeup! Some girls may think that applying makeup requires a lot of time and effort, but in this post, we are going to show you how can you achieve the effortless no-makeup makeup look in ONLY 5 MINUTES. Our inspiration? The ever-inspiring Korean ladies and their beauty routine! (more…)

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5 Bad Habits That Are Good For the Malaysian Students

Ever promised yourself that this year you are definitely going to start fresh and flick off those uncontrolled impulse creeping into you, only to give in to the ‘demons’ in a couple of hours? There is nothing to be ashamed of – because we all have been there.

You might want to hold on to those bad rituals as not all bad habits are proven to be ‘bad’ as they can be beneficial. Here are 5 common bad habits that are not as harmful as you think: (more…)

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Check out these Instagrammers rocking 5 sneaker-outfits!

As sneakerheads, we all need a good and comfortable pair of sneakers (oh no, in fact, we need more than a pair, don’t we?) to be as agile as a cheetah in campus, especially during our running-late mornings. But the key point is, which sneaker should you choose to keep that swag on yet remain comfortable in a hectic day at college? And, while there are sooooo many choices out there, you surely can’t have them all in your closet if you are staying in a dorm with your roommates, or renting a room in a hostel nearby your campus! (more…)

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Can Malaysian students survive 60 hours without the Internet?

Just the thought of living without the Internet for a while is unthinkable for most of the Malaysian students, probably.

Could you imagine? Does it scare you? Does it make you say “No, thanks, I’ll pass”? Well, we don’t feel too good about it either.

BUT,  how would you fare without the internet, if one day, it just suddenly goes ‘off-line’ or it collapses out of the blue? <Noooooo!>

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5 things every Malaysian student will hear at CNY dinner this year

Gong Xi Fa Cai! It’s finally here – the Chinese New Year reunion dinner!

It’s the time when the yummiest dishes are there: abalones are glistening, the yee sang is ready to toss and the soup is hot and ready to serve from the big pot. And on the other side of the table, your favorite pineapple tarts and love letters just waiting to be eaten. 

But then, there’s also the whole family (who you love, of course), with thousands of annoying questions. Sometimes just the thought of your auntie asking you some of them every single year makes you to lose your appetite. But hey, that’s the magic of Chinese New Year celebrations! (more…)

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Studying in KL? You seriously need these 10 items in your backpack.

KL, ohhh KL. The city of love and hate! Of most delicious food in certain places and most shady street food in some others. Where you’ll meet absolutely amazing human beings, but also thieves and pickpockets. Where LRT will (usually) not let you down, but driving is always a traffic gamble. And finally, it’s a city that never sleeps and you can always find a good party around, but if you need to study, someone will always guide you to a quiet, nice spot to read.

So, while our bags and backpacks are constantly getting smaller and smaller (at least, that’s what the fashion says), there are certain things that may save your life during your daily commute or classes. Once you keep them with you, you’re covered for life! (more…)

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