TOP 5 Food That You Must Eat In Kuching, Sarawak

If you’re a student studying, living or visiting Kuching do you know what food is a must to eat in Kuching, Sarawak? There are variety of food available there, but these are the types of food that is a MUST to eat in while you’re in Kuching, Sarawak.

1. Sarawak Laksa


In Malaysia, there are many store that sell laksa, but have you really taste the real taste of Sarawak laksa? Sarawak laksa is made out of laksa paste which consists of tamarind, belacan, sambal, lemongrass, herbs and spices, also not to forget a little bit of coconut milk. Sarawak Laksa usually uses rice vermicelli. The price rage is around RM4.50 – RM6.50.

We stopped for coffee but had laksa instead #sarawaklaksa

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2. Sarawak Kolo Mee


Sarawak Kolok Mee is know as the signature dish for Kuching. Do you know that Sarawakians have this for their breakfast? 😛  Kolok Mee is made out of springy and oily noodles that comes with minced meat, sliced roasted meat and vegetables. 😄 But some store in Sarawak actually replace pork to beef for ‘Halal’ purpose. The price range is around RM4-RM6.

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3. Kuching Siew Pau


In Kuching, Tong Kee is known as one of so many shop that sell the best Siew Pau in Kuching. Their Siew Pau is a must try as it is full of fillings and it is delicious. Other than Siew Pau, they also sell Curry Puffs, and Yam Puffs. If you’re planning to visit there, make sure to give this Siew Pau a try! 😋😋

4. Tomato Kueh Teow


We have heard of Char Kueh Teow, but have you heard of Tomato Kueh Teow? Well, it’s my first time hearing it 😂 haha, now I guess I need to try this signature dish when I go to Kuching one day 😆 From all the reviews I read, there’s a lot people who said that Tomato Kueh Teow actually tastes very good. You can either choose  So make sure to give it a try too!

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5. Sio Bee


Sio Bee is similar to Siew Mai. In Siew Mai there’s a mixture of pork and shrimp but in Sio Bee, it is 100% stuffed pork! If you’re a pork lover, you should try this. 😋😋

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