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Cilantro Culinary Academy

Established in 2006, Cilantro Culinary Academy is Malaysia’s largest private culinary and pastry vocational academy. Equipped with 15 practical kitchens, a studio kitchen, classrooms and a line-up of professional chefs with extensive working experience in 5-star hotels, we aim to provide the best vocational culinary and pastry education to students who dream of becoming a chef.

Recognizing the importance of knowledge and skills for a chef, we offer our students a global approach of 5 qualifications from 4 countries comprising of local and international certifications that will provide graduates a competitive advantage in their career paths. Students will spend at least 70% of their study time in the kitchen whereby the balance is spent in classroom for budgeting, costing management, kitchen management, food nutrition and other theory subjects. Each student’s work is monitored closely by the chef instructor in-charge, student to teacher ratio is kept low to ensure students get the attention and guidance they need.



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