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KPJ Healthcare University College

Established since 1991, KPJ Healthcare University College was the first nursing college to offer Diploma in Nursing accredited by MQA and the forerunner in Master of Otorhinolaryngology. Students have an extensive and comprehensive network of KPJ hospitals as excellent training ground for clinical education along with 27 programmes ranging from foundation to doctor philosophy with diverse academic programmes ranging from Foundation to Postgraduates from School of Medicine, School of Pharmacy, School of Nursing, School of Health Sciences, School of Behavioural Science and Humanities and School of Business and Management.

The Nilai campus boasts a spacious sports complex, a modern multi-purpose hall,11-storey hostel which is home to over 2,000 staffs and students as well as a well-equipped resource centre with access to 6,000 medical titles. The campus also provides recreational facilities such as fully-equipped medical imaging/x-ray laboratories, physiotherapy gymnasium, and so much more.



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