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Limkokwing University of Creative Technology is a private Malaysian university that offers recognised diploma, degree and post graduate programmes. The university focuses on creativity and innovation, encouraging students to think outside the box and taking a step into imagination. That being said, Limkokwing offers a different setting on innovative learning experience with creative and design courses that governs graphic, multimedia, communication, animation and the list goes on. Situated in Malaysia’s cybercity, Limkokwing’s main campus in Cyberjaya comes with a unique, inimitable design transforming the campus into a remarkable architectural structure that you would hardly miss. The university also offers a range of outstanding facilities for students to utilize, among them includes a photography lab, creativity library, sound and music studios.

Limkokwing prioritised student’s convenience by offering shuttle bus services to several areas along the Klang Valley for local students living off campus to travel without a hassle. As for students that are staying nearby campus, commuting by train with the KLIA Transit which travels and make quick stops along the Multimedia Super Corridor. Student can commute down to KL City Centre via 30 minutes train ride to KL Sentral, while 20 minutes to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). iOi City Mall is a brand new lifestyle and entertainment regional mall that offers a variety of shops, an ice skating rink and an indoor themed park, District 21. Students from Limkokwing can enjoy their leisure time from just a 10 minute drive away from campus. For students that are planning to stay nearby campus, there are a few spaces available for rent. If you are looking up for spaces around Cyberjaya, we would recommend Cyber Heights, Shaftsbury Square and Cyberia Crescent to be added into your list of Hostel Hunting.



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