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Olympia College Petaling Jaya Campus

Meeting the nation’s growing need for a quality private higher education, Olympia College Petaling Jaya was set up in 2000. As a member of the significant Raffles Education Group, Olympia College has partnerships with leading universities and professional bodies in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, and Singapore to name a few. It offers an expansive range of courses in Business Management, Hospitality, Finance, Multimedia, Public Relations & Advertising, and Human Resource Management.

11km away from the city centre is Olympia College Petaling Jaya campus, a 5-storey building within walking distance from Federal Highway and is along the main bus route to the nearest LRT station. Just like its Kuala Lumpur campus, it houses modern computer, library, media labs, student lounges and its very own in-house restaurant. Also conveniently located nearby are shopping malls, fusion restaurants, banks, hotels, and sports complexes.



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