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  • 5 things every Malaysian student will hear at CNY dinner this year

    Gong Xi Fa Cai! It’s finally here – the Chinese New Year reunion dinner! It’s the time when the yummiest dishes are there: abalones are glistening, the yee sang is ready to toss and the soup is hot and ready to serve from the big pot. And on the other side of the table, your […]

    24 January 2017 - SuperBlonde
  • Studying in KL? You seriously need these 10 items in your backpack.

    KL, ohhh KL. The city of love and hate! Of most delicious food in certain places and most shady street food in some others. Where you’ll meet absolutely amazing human beings, but also thieves and pickpockets. Where LRT will (usually) not let you down, but driving is always a traffic gamble. And finally, it’s a […]

    17 January 2017 - SuperBlonde
  • 【测试】看你现在适不适合在大学谈恋爱

    不管你是读大马本地的大学还是私立大学,每个人都会梦想着在上大学的时候谈一场轰轰烈烈的恋爱。 平时台湾,香港的剧情看多了,自然而然就会产生许多少女情怀,梦想自己有一点也会和Ta一起骑脚踏车从大学的路途中一起回家。可是马来西亚的治安和天气来说并不太可能。加上那么多的assignment, 鬼才有时间和你骑脚车啊?有 wira 还是 myvi 坐已经很好了! 不管怎样,一起来测试一下在大学3到4年的时间你到底适不适合谈恋爱吧!   1. 如果你喜欢一个人,你最看重的是对方的什么特点? A. 品质——转第2题 B. 颜值——转第3题 C. 才华——转第4题   2. 如果最近想要出去旅行,你希望和谁去? A. 父母——转第3题 B. 独自一人——转第4题 C. 朋友——转第5题   3. 生日时办公桌上有礼物,第一反应你会认为是谁送的? A.朋友——转第4题

    17 January 2017 - 店小二


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