Monash University Malaysia

Known as the first foreign university in Malaysia, Monash University Malaysia is a full-fledged campus of one of Australia’s top universities, offering world-class education and research. The university consists of seven Schools offering a comprehensive range of courses from bachelor to doctoral level, aim to guide students towards excellent scholars and professional in their respective study fields.

The university was first established in 1998 in the heart of Bandar Sunway where most people would refer it as the one stop destination of higher educations and students in Malaysia. The university is placed within several other institutions which are close to amenities to ensure the convenience of students. Free shuttle buses are provided for students to utilize although most facilities and eateries can be reach at a short walking distance. The iconic Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Malaysia’s largest shopping destination is literally a 5 minute walk away off campus. For students that are planning or currently studying at Monash University, it would be advisable to look for spaces to rent located around Bandar Sunway. A few options that you may like to add on into your Hostel Hunting list would include spaces at Casa Tiara Apartment, Senza Apartment, Palmville Codominium, Main Place Residence and Marine Sunway South Quay.

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  • 学校宿舍 VS 在外租房

    我们这些从外地来读书的童鞋们不是在外租房,就是找学校的宿舍。刚开始还不是很了解当地的情况时,很大的可能性会租学校的宿舍。然后慢慢的,想要换个环境的时候,就会搬到外面去住。然而,住在宿舍里和在外租房是有分别的。 1)煮饭 在宿舍,你是不能煮饭的,如果Room Checking 的时候,被找到电饭锅或者是Toaster,会被没收的。其实校方会制定这个规则也是为了大家的安全着想。如果哪一天一个不小心电线走火还是发生任何意外而导致火患,后果将不堪设想。 在外租房就好像在家里一样,唯一不同的地方就是家人不在,凡是都得自己准备与打理。如果你想要煮饭是被允许的,除非屋主有特别提到不准烹饪,否则大部分的房子都是可以烹饪的 。还有的就是在外租房,有客厅和厨房可以使用,空间大,煮食的时候也比较方便。 2)热水器 有些宿舍是没有提供热水器的,可是幸运的话,还是会有遇到有热水器的宿舍。如果遇到没有热水器的宿舍,是
    27 March 2017 - Kei
  • 绝对让你激发母爱!!!超可爱的网红宝宝们

    这一篇是宝宝篇 所以我可能会一直重复超可爱的~~~可是这绝对不是词穷,而是真的很可爱! 以下這6位寶寶你知道多少個呢?   1.亚历山大(INSTAGRAM :ping7446) 亚历在网红宝宝界里绝对可以算得上是元老级了,相信各位爱宝人士都对他不陌生吧。现在还叫他宝宝真不好意思 可是他就是我们心目中永远的宝宝啊~~ 在这里和大家简介下亚历,他是个法国和台湾的混血宝宝,2011年出生 ,长居法国但是不时还会回台湾呢~我对亚历一開始的印象就是怎么那么小就开始说话啊而且华语还那么标准,超可爱的~~   2. 安德里(INSTAGRAM: ping7446) 安德里是亚历山大的弟弟 长得也是超级可爱的,可是和哥哥就是完全不同的类型呢~~妈妈真的很会生,怎么可以两兄弟都长得这么帅呢!! 安德里是2014年生,今年3岁和亞歷一样現居法国  本人觉得3岁的孩子真的是最可爱的时候 如
    24 March 2017 - Sera Ng
  • Selena Gomez? No, she’s a Malaysian student from Sabah!

    She’s been just an ordinary Sabahan girl, when the Internet started to go nuts about her. Isn’t this crazy that a this Malaysian teenager looks just like Selena Gomez? Phantegerow Estrop from Sabah is 18 years old, and is a Kadazan-Dusun descendant. She’s been “discovered” online a year ago, and became a sensation overnight. I […]
    24 March 2017 - Zuzanna Ch


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